Craig Nuttley has been assisting both small and large business in the planning and execution of creative marketing plans, special projects, profile creation and company expansion since 2007. To assist our partners in increasing online traffic (and therefore ROI), the team at Nuttley’s Digital Footprint creates certain projects in order to achieve these aims.

Some of our Current Projects

100% free and always will be. The domain is the result of a promise that was made by Craig in 2009 … that he would one day build platforms which create free and effective marketing platforms with administrative tools for small business in South Africa.

The SABD is recognised by Google as one of the top South african based directories and if there is a directory which can match it for administrative tools within your dashboard, please let us know 😊. Sign up here … it’s FREE!

  • The Oink Automotive Network

The Network consists of secured premium online real estate, or domains, which target the Automotive industry and includes the Aftermarket which is the secondary market of the Automotive industry. These domains include: