AboutNuttley’s Digital Footprint is an online, community focused web development service located on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast in the quiet holiday resort town of Hibberdene. Owned, managed and administered by Craig Nuttley, Nuttley’s Digital Footprint is a personal project focused on creating and utilising existing online platforms from which business owners, communities and towns can establish, grow, manage and maintain a powerful digital footprint at low costs.

More than just another web development service

Nuttley’s Digital Footprint is more than just a web development service, the project aims to create job opportunities, deliver ideas which will establish sports clubs, music and creative arts groups, community related groups and others … all toward four aims. These are Youth InactivityCrime, creating an environment where Unemployment is addressed and bringing back Tourism to the KZN South Coast. It’s a beautiful place and deserves more than it is getting.

At Nuttley’s Digital Footprint the belief is that this can be done through the internet and creative thought when seeking constructive solutions to existing problems on the ground.